The three things that matter most to Larry Wise, the owner of Christianos Pizza, are faith, family, and food. In 1996 it was Larry’s dream to combine all three of these elements into a charming little restaurant located in Wautoma, WI. That dream became what is known today as Christianos Pizza.

Larry grew up in Milwaukee and was very involved in the Italian restaurant business as a child. It was that experience he received as a child that allowed him to start his own Italian restaurant, and like the Italians that Larry grew up with, family has played a major role. All five of Larry’s children and his wife Beth are very involved with the success of Christianos Pizza. It brings Larry and Beth great joy to have the opportunity to see their children grow and carry on with the family business.

“Christianos” was the name for “Christians” given by the Italians to the early apostles, and it is the Christian philosophy of blessing others that drives the business and its employees to serve the highest quality food and provide the highest quality service each and every day.

Christianos Pizza seeks to do more than just provide a service. Our primary mission is to be a blessing to the customers we serve, employees that we employ, and suppliers that we interact with. For all who come in contact with Christianos Pizza it is our goal to provide a positive experience each and every time.




Our Ingredients

Each morning our bakers wake up early to bake all of our bread, breadsticks, and buns. They also prepare all of our pizza dough fresh every day. At Christianos Pizza our dough recipes start with the highest quality unbleached and unbromated flour, combined with real Italian olive oil, not hydgrogenated oil. There are no artificial preservatives, and our dough is always fresh, never frozen.

Taste the freshness of our tomato sauce! Our delicious tomatoes are picked once a year and then canned within six hours. They are not stored in a vat to be canned weeks or even months after picking. Christianos Pizza’s sauce is made from real vine-ripened tomatoes, never from concentrate, and we use just the right amount of spices to bring out the true tomato flavor!


Our Nutrition

Real Italian means our pizza is made using 100% real Wisconsin mozzarella shredded fresh daily, topped with fresh produce, on our delicately crafted pizza dough created fresh every day. Our pizza dough is made using only a few natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives, and real Italian olive oil (no trans-fat).

Our alfredo sauce is always made fresh using only real cream and butter, fresh garlic, and a few natural seasonings, and it contains absolutely no preservatives and no trans fats. Enjoy our fettuccine alfredo for a freshness you can taste and flavor you can’t find anywhere else!

Our staff makes your salad fresh when you order it. We cut our produce each day and our mozzarella cheese is made the old-fashioned way right here in Wisconsin. Enjoy yours today for a meal that is truly healthy and delicious!